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VectorSave™ rescue systems and Vector helicopters

We have seen a tremendous growth in use of multicopters starting from commodity products all the way to high end industrial solutions. 
Todays operation of drone is already regulated in some countries and we can expect more requirements for safe operation in near future. After seen big multicopters nearly hitting skier in world cup and learning from many minor accidents and injuries we wanted to add our special skills to make safer drones. VectorSave™ was born to help to operate drones in a better way. VectorSave™ will not only minimize collaterar damage but it will also protect your investment. We also anticipate better rates on your liability insurance if you use proper precaution in your drone.
So we come a long way where we started from. Today we make drones for industrial partners for longer flight times and more demanding purpose built style. Only best materials and components are used. Starting from our legacy line of drones to Vector Vision design is a unique combination of winning features. Compact and rigid body is simple and has only few parts. Simplicity means reliability and easy maintenance.

Backgrounder for our legacy products:

"In early days (year 2013) the cornerstone of the design was easy operability with best available in-flight behaviour. Back then we defined that operators must be able to prepare Vector Vision from carrying case to ready-to-take-off in a minute. Some applications also required landing gear to be kept away from cameras view. We also learned about regulations like maximum flying weight without parachute or maximum allowed energy in a single battery pack for air transportation. All above and much more were taken into consideration before we could make Vector Vision available for you. Today we are striving to undestand the scope of future requirements as well.

Legacy Vector Vision body has two parts. Upper frame and lower frame. Upper frame has only four different parts excluding nuts and bolts. It is the simpliest possible solution to hold motors and motor speed controllers. Lower frame is connected to upper frame with dampeners. Lower frame serves platform for retractable landing gear, flight packs, video link, data link and gimbal quick release system. Significant mass is concentrated on lower frame isolating it from potential vibrations from upper frame. Dampers can also be adjusted to softer or harder type if needed to allow fine tuning.


Some Vector models today are purpose built to meet special requirements. such as full weather proof VectorProber with unibody or ultra mission for very dedicated camera platforms. We even have design for Cargo delivery in heavy weather conditions.


Vector Vision is powered with cool running branded motors and 22V flight pack system. High voltage means less loss in wires and large diameter motors provide hi torque. Super light carbon props give crisp response and result excellent flight characteristics with Vectors rigid frame.


For avionics or flight conroller if you wil, we prefer our customers first to tell us the applications. After understanding your requirements we shall be able to recommend the right solution for you. There are some special application we are currently developing extensions for existing flight controllers. Such application can be very long range communications or drone behavious based on computed visual feedback from flight sensors.


Operator needs around one minute to open carrying case and unfold Vector Vision and connect power. After autopilot system check its ready to take off. There is no other system available in the market today that comes anywhere near this.


Gimbals or other instruments can be connected to Vector Vision platform with quick release system. The Quick release plate is designed to hold up to 2,5kg of instrument weight. It has also a special bus for connecting all gimbal electronics to flight control system. Quick release connector plate is separately available to mount your own instruments. Vector Crane gimbals have the right connection as standard.


Vector Vision has multiple options for landing gear from full retractable gear to very light fixed landing gear solution. The right choice depend on applications."


Antti Taskinen

Designer and Founder of Vectorheli and VectorSave™





Antti Taskinen is the designer of the line of VectorSave™ rescue systems and Vector helicopter-line of industrial grade RPAS drones.

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