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Story Behind VectorSave™ - Designed and Made in Finland


Our Wake-Up Call
We all see news of close call cases about drones failing in mid air.
Reasons can be many while results are always scary.
It is only matter of time for even worse news if we do not take precaution.
Parachute rescue system is affordable insurance to do our best to protect those flight operations.
We also see that operators are not using rescue systems and we like to know why?
VS25™ on the DJI Inspire 2


Explosives, Compressed Gas or Burning Wires limits use
Current systems are heavy and require cumbersome setups so it is not easy to connect them to drone. Systems offered are relatively heavy causing a huge penalty to flight time and more.
Most systems are operated by explosives, compressed gas or burning wires. Servo operated systems  are difficult to reload, slow launch and servos have many internal parts that can fail.
Systems available have big limitations like:
- cannot be carried in an airplane for transportation.
- cannot be operated in areas where something flammable may be in the air.
- difficult to reload and slow to deploy.
- too many parts to rely on.
- many of these offerings are not total solution and important parts are missing.
- expensive to test if every launch has a price tag. 
- will impact flight time of a small drone up to 50%.
- will impact flight time of mid size drone typically more than 20%.
- most of current solutions require custom DIY setups.
- manufacturer warranty is void when electronics is installed.
VectorSave™ is the most compact and reliable rescue system in the market offering you a minimum penalty to your flight time.


VectorSave™ is your choice when you want light weight safety system for your drone. Our lightest launch tube weighs 39 grams and the system weight starts at 65 grams with a parachute. 
VectorSave™ offers complete solution as well as those important components like automated SaveSense™ or RadioSave™ triggering, reloadable launch tube for unlimited launches, super light parachutes, flight termination and more.
When you need a drone rescue system, VectorSave™ has a solution for you.
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